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Reduce Your Accent with This Fun Learning Technique

First things first: reducing your accent is often NOT the most important thing. For most students of English, clear core pronunciation, and using grammar and vocabulary correctly is all that is needed for people to understand you. However, a very strong accent can keep you from communicating clearly and cause you a lot of anxiety. Sadly, research has shown that a strong non-native accent can be perceived as less convincing or persuasive. That being the case, reducing your a

Let's put a stop to Accent Anxiety

There’s a disease going around language learners. It’s a serious affliction, causing sweating, racing hearts, tied tongues, and in severe cases renders sufferers unable to speak. I call it “Accent Anxiety”. It’s the ongoing obsession with “improving” or “reducing” your accent when you learn a new language. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about pronunciation. Neither am I saying that imitating a native accent is pointless or impossible. On the contrary, with time and i

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