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5 Brain-training Apps for English Learners

Updated: Dec 11, 2017

Are you studying English but sometimes feel that your little grey cells are not quite up to the job? It might have been years since you had to memorise lots of information for exams, and getting back into the studying groove can feel impossible.

Brain-training games have been a favourite for years (remember the crossword puzzle in newspapers?) and are quite possibly even more popular on smartphones. Although the scientific basis for these apps is open to debate, they can be enjoyable and are a good warm-up before you get stuck into more serious language learning.

Here are some wordplay apps and brain-training apps which include language and memory training - a must for any English language learner!

1. Peak Android & iOS Free + in-app purchases This is a slick and easy-to-use brain-training app with two areas of particular interest to language learners - a Language development games and Memory games. Like most brain training games, it features lots of mini-games which are designed to target a particular skill. Be warned - the language games might feel impossibly hard at first!

2. Synonyms Quiz iOS only iTunes link Free This game doesn't look special and features slightly irritating ads, but it uses an excellent word list and throws some challenging words your way. The aim of the game is to choose one word out of four options that is the correct synonym (word with the same meaning) for a given word. You might want to keep a notebook to hand to jot down new words you learn.

3. Quizzitive by Merriam-Webster iOS only iTunes link Free This is a lovely app from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It features four different word quizzes and is free to play. After completing a quiz, you can review all of the words used and view their definitions - which is handy for working on your English vocabulary.

4. Draw Something Android & iOS Free Now, why on earth have I included a drawing game? There is a method to my madness. This game was a huge fad a while back and still has a big fan base today. I found the interface a bit confusing and leaving a game is...impossible. If you get stuck, just close the app! However, it's a great way to guess words from pictures and vice versa. If you don't like drawing, have a go at "Guess Something", where you have to guess and spell out the word the other person is drawing. It's oddly addictive and a chilled out way to push your vocabulary recall and spelling skills to a new level.

5. Elevate Android & iOS Free + in-app purchases Another beautiful brain-training app with mini-games and a variety of skills, Elevate was recently selected by Apple as the Best App of the Year in the United States. What makes it a little different is that, rather than focussing on general mental skills, this app aims to improve your writing, speaking, listening and speaking skills. There are quite a few games to get you started even in the free version, including grammar, punctuation and pronunciation games. Enjoy!

Happy brain-training!

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