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You can choose from 22 interests:

Do you see anything you like?

You can choose to have as few as 4 interests up to all 22!

What you can do with brillingo

We've searched far and wide for real-world content that's relevant to your interests, and inspiring for both your lifestyle and your language learning.

Learn from real-world articles, videos, and audio

Each study workbook also includes an Output Mission, which challenges you to write or speak about something connected to the English you've studied. You'll get to put your English into practice right from the start!

Writing and speaking challenges
More than reading and listening

You probably already read articles and watch videos in English, but what do you do next? Nothing, right? We solve that for you by providing quizzes, vocabulary and grammar exercises, and pronunciation training.

Tailor your learning to your life and interests

Although we think that ALL of the materials we've gathered are interesting, we know that you have your likes and dislikes.  Unlike other language learning apps or textbooks, we don't give everyone the same topics.  Instead, you choose from 22 different interests (from only four right up to all twenty-two), and we'll tailor your learning materials to match.  It's time to experience personalised learning for real!

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Putting life back into English language learning

Get weekly self-study workbooks by email.  Keep yourself motivated by studying content you would read, watch or listen to just for fun - and turn it into a real lesson!

Launching on 30th January 2018
Self-study for just
$15 a month

What you get:

  • A monthly study pack containing 4 self-study workbooks

  • Self-study workbooks that match your interests.

  • Each study workbook contains 7 pages. That's 28 days of studying a month!

  • Unlimited interest options and you can change them anytime.

  • We plan your self-studying, so you don't have to!  No more wasted time searching for materials.

  • Our workbooks teach Intermediate to Advanced vocabulary and grammar (CEFR levels B1, B2, C1, and C2).  Train every day and take your English to the next level!


All for only $15 a month and your first pack is free!

What you get
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